A Match Made in Heaven: Big Island Red Sea Salt and Saigon Black Pepper

By: Evelyn Garcia | CMO

Our spice blends contain multiple spices in one bottle, making meal prep and cooking easy. Even our salt and pepper is no ordinary salt and pepper.

Our Saigon Pepper blend, hailing from Vietnam, is our take on traditional black pepper, featuring black pepper, dried red and green bell peppers, onion, garlic, and celery seed. It is the perfect companion for our Big Island Sea Salt, which hails from Hawaii. This quintessential blend is a novice chef’s best friend and possibilities for recipes are endless.

Our salt and pepper blend pair perfectly for simple chicken, fish, and vegetable recipes. We recommend priming fish or chicken with vinegar and fresh lemon juice, then topping with our salt and pepper. For a quick meal prep, place your favorite protein and vegetables- such as greens and potatoes in a plastic container with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, and our salt and pepper blend and give it a vigorous shake. Then place in an oven safe dish or in an appliance such as an air-fryer for the perfect, quick, meal for two.

Don’t forget to add the wine!

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