If You Heart Your Heart- Low Sodium Is Key

By: Elvin Garcia
COO | CPT | Sports Nutritionist

Salt is not the enemy, but failure to moderate it can lead to health complications down the road. Many people tout low-sodium diets without knowing the myriad benefits and impact a low-sodium diet has. Reducing sodium intake lowers blood pressure in people with high and borderline high blood pressure, can help to prevent the collection of fluid in the lower legs or abdomen, and benefits people who suffer from chronic kidney disease.

Salt is composed of two minerals- sodium and chloride. High consumption of it is linked to hypertension- a leading cause of heart disease. Nearly one in three Americans is afflicted with cardiovascular disease and it is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States.

The majority of sodium consumption comes from processed foods, so reducing your intake of these foods is vital to heart health- and that’s where Uncle T’s Spices comes in. Our spices make it easy to prepare your own tasty meals to reduce the amount of processed food in your diet. All of our blends feature a complex recipe of multiple spices in one convenient bottle.

Our Seasoned Traveler features 18 different spices, Luigi’s Revenge features 10, and The Good Stuff features 12. Each of these blends is below the daily value of sodium, coming in at 17 mg, 58mg, and 54mg, respectively. The recommended daily intake of salt is 2300 mg and below, so our spices are well below these values.

We also pride ourselves on our wildly tasty but salt-free spice blends. Our Phuk’in Good Thai blend features 10 different spices, our Such a Jerk features 13 spices, our Bad Hombre features 15 spices, and our Saigon Pepper features 6. Each of these blends is salt free!

Whether you are looking to reduce sodium intake or cut it out, we have the perfect blends that help you take care of your heart and your tastebuds.

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