Sodium Free Blends by Uncle T Spices

Sodium free flavors are difficult to get as most imitators choke out the flavor with abundant salt in light of the fact that, tastes great! We love salt as much as anyone else yet by the day's end everything tastes the equivalent. Our assortment of low sodium flavors and salt-free flavors is an extraordinary method to add flavor and energy to your suppers without the high dosages of sodium. Truth be told, a significant number of our clients on salt confined weight control plans or with hypertension have disclosed to us that cooking with salt-free mixes has not exclusively been more advantageous yet considerably more delightful experience.

While our flavors are low-no in sodium we do have four natural flavors rubs that contain no sodium at all. As indicated by the Cleveland Health Clinic so as to be esteemed "Low Sodium" it ought not to surpass 140 mg of sodium which implies the entirety of our flavoring mixes meets the bill. In any case, for each one of those ravenous people who can't have any salt in their eating regimens here's a rundown of our totally salt-free natural flavors.

1. Saigon Pepper:

There’s black pepper, and then there’s Saigon Black Pepper. The peppercorns used in this blend come all the way from Vietnam and are aged longer for a deeper, more robust flavor. This essential blend is the perfect match for our Big Island Red Sea Salt and is perfect for steaks, ribs, chicken, and pasta dishes.

2. Such a Jerk:

"Such a Jerk" is a salt free seasoning and will add a little Caribbean spice to your favorite dishes. It can be used on meats and vegetables, or anything you want to add some kick to. Don’t be a jerk while enjoying “Such a Jerk”. Season responsibly.

3. Phuk'In Good Thai:

If your taste buds are looking for a good time, you’re holding the right bottle. You don’t need to travel far to bring bold Asian flavors to the table. This tantalizing spicy blend is perfect for wings, ribs, pork, seafood, tofu, or anything else you want to add a fire-kick to.

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