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Chef Jonathan

Elvin Garcia

CHEF JONATHAN Uncle T Spices is proud to partner up with private chef & TV personality Chef Jonathan! Jonathan Scinto is a Private Chef & TV Personality. Jonathan was born to an Italian Jewish family in Queens, New York. While, most toddlers were watching Sesame Street, Jonathan watched Julia Child and Emeril. His mother Alison allowed him to experiment in the kitchen using the blender to make crazy concoctions, scrambling eggs on the floor and even practicing his knife technique on his parent’s new vinyl chairs. The love of food was evident to his mom and dad. The Long Island native...

Sponsored Athlete Spotlight: CHRIS VILLA

Elvin Garcia

​CHRIS VILLA Uncle T Spices is proud to partner up with Men's Physique Competitor Christopher Villa! Chris is the CEO and founder of Team Villa competition coaching, and has established a highly regarded reputation in the bodybuilding industry. What began as modeling, turned into competing and eventually morphed into a career. Chris has been featured in countless magazines and is sponsored by well-known industry leading companies on the cutting-edge of nutrition, supplements, and fitness clothing. He is an athlete manager for two major brands and works as a trainer for several star clients. Is there anything he doesn't do? In...

Uncle T at The Victor Martinez Legends

Elvin Garcia

​ The Uncle T family had the privilege of sponsoring the 2017 Victor Martinez Legends Championship at the Hostos Center for Arts & Education on Saturday, August 26th. IFBB pro bodybuilder Victor Martinez, the creator & organizer of the show; sanctioned by the National Physique Committee and established as a National Qualifier, worked diligently to unite competitors under a roof in the borough of the Bronx, where he was born and raised. This particular mission was important to the bodybuilding star who feels that the Bronx has an undervalued reputation that is not an accurate reflection of the true rich...