Sponsored Athlete Spotlight: CHRIS VILLA

Chris Villa. Uncle T Sponsored Athlete.


Uncle T Spices is proud to partner up with Men's Physique Competitor Christopher Villa!

Chris is the CEO and founder of Team Villa competition coaching, and has established a highly regarded reputation in the bodybuilding industry. What began as modeling, turned into competing and eventually morphed into a career. Chris has been featured in countless magazines and is sponsored by well-known industry leading companies on the cutting-edge of nutrition, supplements, and fitness clothing. He is an athlete manager for two major brands and works as a trainer for several star clients. Is there anything he doesn't do? In short, no. And that's why he's on our team.

Chris embodies our companies core values of family, loyalty, respect, and high-quality. He never settles for anything less than his best in his personal life and career; just like we never settle in the quality we bring to our customers. He is driven, dedicated, and motivated and we couldn't be more honored to have him on our team.

His favorite spices are Uncle T's Such A Jerk, which you can find here and The Good Stuff which you can find here.

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