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When Uncle T was little, he caught the culinary bug cooking with his mother. As the son of immigrant parents who worked tirelessly, he took over the responsibility of the kitchen and necessity quickly developed into passion. His natural love for the 3 F's- food, flavor, and family; combined to create the magician of spices he is today. For the past 10 years, his travels to kitchens all around the world have led to a unique understanding of flavors; developed through the expertise of culinary masters near and afar. Adding Uncle T's spices to your meals is like stamping your passport without leaving your kitchen. Each bottle is lovingly crafted to take your tastebuds on a delicious journey. Built on the premise that good food makes friends family, we invite you to make Uncle T a part of your family.

Our spices are handcrafted and blended using Uncle T's special secret formulas. Each batch is individually packed by the Uncle T family in small batches to ensure you receive the utmost superior quality and freshness. 

From our kitchen to yours, from our table to yours, from our family, to yours... Let's get cooking.

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